The Latin music or Músicalatina is a popular term used by the music industry to described Spanish-language music genres that has originated from Latin America and Spain. This music is influenced by the Hispanic and Latino American culture. This genre is categorized mainly into two. These are the Latin American music and the Music of Spain.

Music of Spain

What is the Music of Spain? The music of Spain goes way back in time. It has a very long record in history. It has not only witnessed the development of the Western music but has also played an important part in the development of western music. The music of Spain has also been an exceptionally strong influence on the Latin American music not only within Spain but also outside of Spain. The music of Spain is often associated with the traditional styles such as flamenco, bagpipes and classical guitar.

Because of its widespread, the Spanish music or music of Spain has become diverse. Flamenco is originated from the south of the country. The bagpipes have originated in the north-east of the country while the classical guitars have come about way back in the 17th centuries. The regions of Spain have their own distinctive musical traditions. They differ from its rhythm to its lyrics but nevertheless; it is in par with the Latin American music.

Latin American Music

musicLatin American music, by the name itself, refers to music originating from Latin America. This kind of music has originated from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of the Americas and the Caribbean. The origins of Latin American music commenced with the colonization of Spain and Portugal’s of Latin America in the early 16th century. This was when the European settlers brought their music from overseas.Because of this, the Latin American music is performed in Spanish or Portuguese. The Latin American music also combines itself with the African music.

The slaves who were brought to the America by European from decades to centuries ago inspire the African music. The music from Indigenous peoples of the Americas has also influenced the Latin American music. Because of this, one can conclude that the Latin American music observes improvisation. With that said, the Latin American Music is also diverse. Some of the Latin American Music styles and dances are the tango, compas, bossa nova and bachata. There are also other styles derived from the different genres. Some of which are the rock, jazz and Latin pop.

The Latin music genre is very diverse and because of this, it has over 18 styles already. Some of these styles are Banda, Mambo, Méringue, Mariachi, Norteña, Chicha,Ranchera, Flamenco,Salsa,Criolla,Son,Huayno,Tejano ,Cumbia, Bolero, Timba,Bachata. However, the Latin music styles depend and vary per culture or per country. Since the Latin music has sailed seas and has reached places, it has been altered to come up with even more various and different styles. An example of which is the so-called imported styles.

The imported styles of music, with a distinctively Latin flavor, have aroused. Some styles that are inspired by which are the Mexican Hip Hop, Latin Jazz, Chilean rock, Argentine rock. The United States or the Americas has also been inspired by the imported style Latin music hence the jazz, rock and roll and hip hop. In the non-Latin parts of the Caribbean, Latin music has also been combined with their styles of music. The Jamaican reggae and dub, Trinidadian calypso music and soca are examples of which. With that said, the Latin music is truly known worldwide.